Our Vision

The aims of the Bookham Youth & Community Centre are

  • To provide a well maintained, safe and welcoming community facility
  • To host a wide range of activities and events for children and young people
  • To provide a community facility complementary to, and not in conflict with, the centre’s core aims for young people
  • To achieve and maintain self sustaining financial balance.

In more detail this includes:

a) Centre Facilities

  • Welcoming
  • Fit and provisioned for a range of purposes
  • Attractive to let
  • Well maintained, safe, secure and clean
  • In use seven days a week.

b) Supporting Young People

  • Surrey County Council to maintain two supervised evenings a week activity for 14 to 18s
  • Project focused development e.g. music and performing art skills; after school café; 11-13s provision
  • Focused and utilised resource for support and advice – e.g. 'Surrey Connexions'; health promotion and education; capacity building; life skills etc.

c) Community resource

  • Host a wider range of community support and activities e.g. playgroup; children’s sports and leisure; adult sports and leisure; skill building e.g. IT, literacy projects
  • Well known, highly regarded and utilised as a venue for private functions/social events.

d) Financial stability and sustainability

  • Realistic projected budgeting
  • Income from lettings and fund raising balance running / revenue costs
  • Successful bids for pump priming and sustainable capital and revenue project funding.